Overwatch Video Impressions

Blizzard Entertainment is known for many things…Its great sci-fi fantastic stories and futuristic RTS with Starcraft, Dungeon looting fantasy RPGs with Diablo, the insane large community of World of Warcraft, and even MOBA and Deck-building games with Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. But a first-person shooter? That was something I didn’t expect seeing, and at least not that soon in my gaming career. Overwatch has already been tried by a couple of selected players in a closed beta on PC, but there was no focus yet on testing the console versions.

So on the 20th of April, Blizzard Entertainment hosted a Media Preview Event in the heart of Dubai, UAE, for a few selected to try the latest PlayStation 4 build of Overwatch. Full disclaimer on that front, the reason I was present at the event is mainly because I was handling the preview event with my company (PLG), but this won’t affect anything that I’ll be writing in this impression piece. So now the important question: how’s Overwatch, and how does it perform on console?

Read the full preview right here:

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