Season 1,
162 Minutes

Episode 4: The State of gaming and localization for the Middle East

January 31, 2017

In our fourth episode of the VGP Radio, Nazih Fares, Mazen Abdallah and Luciano Rahal talk about the games they reviewed in Late November and December, and discuss game localization in the Middle East with guest Malek Teffaha, Ubisoft’s MENA PR and Digital Media Manager, the state of gaming in 2016, Nintendo Switch new reveals and what’s coming in 2017 for the industry.

Time – Topic and Game Discussed:

  • 0:00:30 – Introduction to Episode 4: The State of gaming and localization for the Middle East
  • 0:04:48 – A look at all the Late November and October games and what stood out from the crowd including
  • 0:08:06 – Final Fantasy XV (written review can be read right here)
  • 0:41:22 – The Last Guardian (written review can be read right here)
  • 0:54:39 – Tyranny (written review can be read right here)
  • 1:10:33 – Game Localization for the Middle East with guest Malek Teffaha, Ubisoft’s MENA PR and Digital Media Manager
  • 1:57:50 – The State of gaming in 2016 and Nintendo Switch new reveals
  • 2:26:30 – Closing comments and a quick look at 2017 gaming release schedule

Music used in this podcast:

Intro: Roger Bendaly for VGProfessional – VGP Radio Original Theme Jingle
First Break: ’86 Attitude – Format-440 (You can follow the artist on his SoundCloud page via )
Second Break: Rayman Legends – Castle Invaded – DJ CUTMAN HipHop Remix (Follow the artist on SoundCloud via )
Third Break: Valse di Fantastica (Extended Arrangement) – FINAL FANTASY XV Recreated by Guardian​Soul (You can check the original song on SoundCloud on their channel via
Ending: Roger Bendaly for VGProfessional – VGP Radio Original Theme Jingle

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  1. Mehdi Belhamra says:

    So i just finished listening to the podcast i really like in general the subject is well presented the host and the guest too, i will go down with the next lines with the positive and negative points.

    Positive :
    • The subjects are very well chosen.
    • There is approximately no repeated arguments which is so professional.
    • The choice of the music is nice and good.

    Negative :
    • The voices aren’t calibrate, some hosts are low and the others high.
    • There is a host who usually swear a LOT and he is giving a bad reputation to the show.

    Conclusion :
    I really liked the podcast and specially the part of localisation where i learnt a lot of things, Telling you the truth i ignored every sentence of the “over reactive” host who screams and swears a lot. As for the answers in 2017 i think that the VR system isn’t at this full capacities the VR that we know is a prototype of the VR that will be in each house in the future. But in the end gaming will always be an entertainment and we play to rest, if we move from our chairs we aren’t gaming we are practicing and spending energy which is the opposite of what we were searching the first time that we bought a video game.

    Note that my comment is fully professional no hates i don’t know any one of you and i gave my feedback as a visitor of your VGP.
    Good luck.

    1. Mehdi Belhamra says:

      Actually there is some missing words but hope you will understand.

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