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We’ve joined the ranks of great podcasters! If you like lengthy discussions about games and gaming trends in which adult men demonstrate that they spend entirely too much time thinking about make-believe, this is a podcast for you!

Welcome to our first ever episode of the VGP Radio, where host Nazih Fares and Mazen Abdallah rant about the gaming industry, talk about the games they reviewed, but also discuss gaming trends topics such as destructive elements in videogames, the current trends of first-person shooters, and much more!

Time – Topic Discussed:

0:00:35 – Introduction to the VGP Radio show
0:4:15 – A look at all the September games and what stood out from the crowd including
0:06:15 – Indie games and the numerous Minecraft clones
0:09:25 – Armello (written review here)
0:13:55 – Rive (written review here)
0:16:55 – Resident Evil Remastered 4 (written review here)
0:25:00 – Forza Horizon 3 (written review here)
0:28:55 – Red:Out (written review here)
0:31:10 – Hue (written review here)
0:33:10 – Recore (written review here)
0:39:40 – On the topic of destructive engines and elements in games
0:43:10 – Red Faction and the Geo-Mod Engine
0:48:40 – Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5
0:51:00 – The Battlefield series and Frostbite Engine
0:55:30 – EA Sports FIFA 17
1:02:50 – The trend of FPS nowadays and revivals of old style
1:04:00 – Doom (written review here)
1:08:15 – Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
1:11:55 – Battlefield 1
1:20:00 – Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered
1:25:30 – Rainbow Six Siege (written review here)
1:31:40 – Overwatch (written review here)
1:36:48 – October 2016 games releases
1:42:40 – November games release
1:45:10 – Beyond Good and Evil 2
1:47:12 – Closing comments
Music used in this podcast:

Intro: Roger Bendaly for VGProfessional – VGP Radio Original Theme Jingle
First Break: Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintamaki – Escalation and Stinger (Battlefield 4 OST)
Second Break: Danny Baranowsky – Tacos of Time (Time Donkey)
Third Break: Jamie Christoferson – Evasion – Cut You Down To Size (Metal Gear Rising OST)
Ending: Roger Bendaly for VGProfessional – VGP Radio Original Theme Jingle

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As of this month, VGProfessional will be entering the world of podcasts with VGP Radio hosted by my good friend Mazen Abdallah and myself. We will be talking and ranting about games, the gaming industry, tech and hopefully bring you interviews in the coming months… With a hint of fun.

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